Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We believe we all have a common purpose to be of service to other living beings. We do this by rendering our services through our chosen area of work. It is one’s duty to excel in the respective chosen areas of work; leading to a happy co-existence.

Our choice of service is RECRUITMENT and we are COMMITTED to EXCEL in this function by meeting our customers (employers and job seekers) needs to best of our abilities at any given point of time.

We are driven by a strong urge and commitment to fulfill the hiring needs of our clients with desired quality, cost and within given timelines. We are also committed to help jobseekers find suitable jobs and to make advancement in their careers.

We attribute our success in recruitment to

  1. Our proprietary recruitment framework designed for high scale, desired quality and sourcing depth
  2. Our well and inspired team of recruiters
  3. Our vast experience in hiring across industries, company sizes, roles, functions, skills and geographies.

We are based in Pune, India. We provide recruitment services to our client companies and jobseekers.

We also contribute to build the recruitment eco system by training aspiring recruitment professionals.