Global Recruitment Services

Global Recruitment Services

Global recruitment services provide sourcing and end to end recruitment services to companies from different geographies like US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe and others. Our services help companies from these geographies to hire locally.

A. Global Sourcing Services

It is well established fact now that sourcing from India has a definite advantage on the time and cost to hire for companies hiring in other time zones.

As the sourcing happens during day time in India. The recruiters in other geographies can focus on the selection process. The recruitment cycle is drastically reduced.

Also, as the cost of hiring in India is relatively lower – this engagement model helps reduce the hiring cost considerably.

Besides, availability of talent in India makes it a very promising engagement.

This model is suitable for large corporations, mid-sized companies, small companies and start-ups and larger recruitment firms as well.

This model facilitates company recruiters to focus more on the execution of selection process which is interviewing, selecting, negotiating and on boarding.

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B. Global End to End Recruitment Services

This is an extension of Sourcing Services.

Here recruiter directly interacts with the hiring managers or recruiters in case of large organizations.

Recruiter is responsible for validating interest and suitability of the potential candidates before sharing the CV’s with the hiring manager. The recruiter’s efforts would be to present only the best options for the job to the hiring managers.

The focus is on the candidate selection ratio, closure ratio. This model calls for a closer engagement with the client companies.

This model can be customized to fit the needs of variety of companies. However, we feel this is more suitable for the following scenarios –

  1. Start up or Small companies who may not have a well-established recruitment function. Here cost of hiring is a major consideration.
  2. Companies who need extra bandwidth in their recruitment efforts to meet a sudden growth in hiring numbers. Hiring recruiter’s in the respective location may be costly and time consuming.

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