Direct Hire Recruitment Services

Direct Hire Recruitment Services

Direct Hire is the nature employment where employers offer a long-term employment opportunity to a candidate.

This nature of employment is offered by employers to attract and retain skills and knowledge which is CORE to the employer’s current and future business needs. Hence, the selection processes are very elaborate and stringent.

In this nature of employment candidates are assured stability, benefits and career growth based on their contributions.

The companies have the following engagement model with recruitment partners to recruit Direct Hires -

A. Contingency Services

This is the most preferred engagement model with companies. This engagement model is low on risk for companies and by working with right recruitment partners can give desired results.

This model is very objective and simple to establish, execute and control.

This model fits all the variety of recruitment needs like high volume, generic skills, niche skills, urgent, not so urgent etc. Hence is the most preferred engagement model.

However, there are few de-merits that cannot be overlooked –

  1. As the engagement is contingent in nature dedicated efforts may not be guaranteed from partners.
  2. Companies tend to engage with too many partners in this model and later find themselves in an overwhelming situation.
  3. Recruitment partners face the problem of duplication. Hence to speed to resume submission the desired engagement with candidates are compromised, impacting the employer’s brand, joining ratio etc.

The success of this engagement model depends on the selection of right recruitment partners.

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B. Retainer ship Services (Executive Search)

This is a preferred engagement model to hire middle to top management roles OR absolutely niche skills that is core to the business.

The retainer ship model is marked with confidentiality, research, subtle approach to right candidates’ mostly passive ones, high engagement with potential candidates and bringing them to discussion. This is high merit work and requires right temperament for execution.

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C. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

This is a highly recommended model for various reasons –

  1. Companies can focus on their core business.
  2. Helps companies scale up and scale down the recruitment team as per the business need.
  3. The engagement model is SLA (Service Level Agreement) driven, hence is result oriented.

This model is recommended for companies having recurring or continuous hiring needs. This is mostly suitable for generic, bulk hiring needs. This model is suitable for large, midsized, small and start-ups for various reasons.

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